Global Smart Grid Regulatory Business Briefing

San Diego, CA February 2, 2017

As part of a week long Reverse Trade Mission to the U.S., there will be a one day Business Briefing for U.S. companies to meet with utility company executives from around the world.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency is hosting the Global Smart Grid Regulatory Reverse Trade Mission. The program will introduce over 20 utility executives and regulators from nine high-growth emerging markets to advanced technology solutions for their electricity grids. For the past several years, USTDA has helped connect the U.S. smart grid industry to opportunities in these markets: The Agency’s activities represent more than $16 billion in investments in improving electricity transmission and distribution around the world.

This Business Briefing event is available on February 2, 2017 for qualified U.S. Companies.*

Business Briefing Agenda

Learn about new project opportunities with some of  the top utility executives and regulators from:

Utility Companies:

  • Brazil’s Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (ONS) and Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE)
  • Panama’s Elektra Noreste S.A. (ENSA)
  • IGDAS, Genel Mudurlugu of Turkey
  • Nigeria’s Eko Electricity Distribution Company
  • City Power of Johannesburg, South Africa

Regulators from:

India  China  Philippines  Panama    Colombia   Brazil   Turkey  Nigeria South   Africa

This event is complimentary to qualified U.S. companies. Registration is required. For additional information, please call Hank Kearney, PHM International at +1 772 388 6496 x104 or

Business Briefing Agenda

08:00 Welcome Message

08:15 Utility Company presentations

09:30 Roundtable discussions

10:00 One-on-one meetings with
utility executives


Event location will be provided when registration is complete.



Delegate Participants

The delegation will include Minister and C-level executives from the following countries:

🇧🇷 Brazil   🇨🇳 China   🇨🇴 Colombia   🇮🇳 India   🇳🇬 Nigeria   🇵🇦 Panama   🇵🇭 Philippines   🇿🇦 South Africa   🇹🇷 Turkey

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Contact Information

PHM International is organizing this event on behalf of USTDA. For more information please contact Mr. Hank Kearney, President of PHM International at or +1.772.388.6496 ext. 104.

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The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) helps companies create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. goods and services for priority development projects in emerging economies. USTDA links U.S. businesses to export opportunities by funding project planning activities, pilot projects, and reverse trade missions while creating sustainable infrastructure and economic growth in partner countries.

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* Participation at and/or sponsorship of a USTDA event is limited to U.S. Individuals, U.S. Firms or U.S. Consultants as defined in USTDA’s Nationality Requirements, in addition to invited guests from USTDA eligible countries. For more information, please visit