Roadshows and CTMs

At PHMintl we match bold ideas and new business models with customers, partners, and investors. These efforts work to responsibly harness the power of technology that build fair, customer focused businesses. Our international work is grounded in the idea that collaborative and disruptive business innovations help people achieve financial health and prosperity while societies build sustainable, and evolving, business ecosystems.

In short, we work to bridge opportunities between emerging markets and the developed west. We target leaders who reset benchmarks, who are innovators and collaborators, and who intuitively understand the interconnected value of business, government, and social impact.

We work with companies and investors that understand key value drivers:

  • Democratized technology
  • Big data decision-making
  • Agile and new working models
  • Minimal incremental cost to add use-cases

Sector Focus

At PHMintl we combine our global experience with an understanding of industry dynamics and customer segments, helping young businesses align their products and services with people’s needs and aspirations the world over.

PHMintl’s targeted sectors include:

Big Data & Analytics
Enabling the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to quantify risk and expand the opportunities and outcomes in finance, health, and industry. This sector bridges and impacts all new opportunities PHMintl develops.

Finance, FinTech
Finance and banking with new mobile-first, digital experiences. New ways to obtain credit and unlock economic potential. Moving from inefficient cash-only economies to seamless, digital payments. Robo-advisors for workers. Developing new tools for consumers to take control of their complex financial lives.

Health Technology
Efforts to drive down healthcare costs while improving outcomes are being met with digital experiences. Consumer/patients have become accustomed to seeing technology disruption in other sectors now seek a better experience in their own health decisions. Companies that can deliver an experience to people’s health buying habits now reflect this new attention. Regulatory changes in the US and elsewhere have fueled HealthTech’s growth around the world.

Global aging trends, AI assistance in population health and disease prevention, remote surgical work, electronic health records integration, and regulatory changes are only a few of the drivers to significant investment in HealthTech.

Industry 4.0
Manufacturers creating new value. The global nature of production requires constant innovation and collaboration. Companies are prepared to generate new economic value driven by improvements and deviations in production. Transforming existing production systems, innovating value chains and building new business models with disruptive potential for established businesses will create new value.

Scale-up enablers include Industry 4.0 strategy and business case; IoT architecture built for scale-up.  Capability-building through acquiring new skills. Workforce engagement.

Insurtech, RegTech, Real EstateTech
Big data and AI in risk management. Expanding insurance for consumers and small businesses to build resilience. Forecasting and prevention. Record management. All supported with distributed ledger capabilities.

In addition to our work with companies and investors, we strengthen  ecosystems by selectively partnering with a network of thought leaders and with forward-thinking regulators and policymakers across the globe.

US Delegates enter meetings, Brazil 2018
Impromptu pitch, Smart Grid Trade Mission, US 2017

PHMintl works with the U.S. Commercial Service (U.S. Dept. of Commerce) to organize and facilitate Certified Trade Missions, which PHMIntl brands as Roadshows.

Why work with PHMintl to attend a Roadshow as a company or investor?

  • The Roadshows are targeted for success
  • Excellent value proposition
  • Highly organized with pre-qualified 1-on-1 meetings
  • Targeted, focused, and effective planning
  • No placement fees or commissions

PHMintl’s near two decade of international work continues to garner success:

“…Was not sure what will we find or whom we will meet and were pleasantly surprised about the organization and unique quality of meetings we had. Our plans for Brazil will now enter the fast track. Well done.” NetObjex, September 2018 – FinTech Roadshow to Brazil.

The Fintech Roadshow was a very efficient and insightful introduction to the Brazilian fintech market. We look forward to participating in future roadshows as we continue to expand our global footprint.” Branch International, September 2018 – FinTech Roadshow to Brazil.


  • Matchmaking U.S. investors, companies and accelerators to the target country or region’s leading technology companies, investors, financial, manufacturing companies and startups
  • 8 to 10 private, pre-qualified one-on-one matchmaking meetings for each U.S. participant
  • Sector Briefing by U.S. Embassy and in-country experts
  • Networking Reception at U.S. Consulate General or U.S. Embassy
  • Discount available for “anchor” industry events

Cost benefits of participating in a Roadshow

  • The U.S. Consulate is the “convener of stature” for the Certified Trade Mission which lends a prestige to the event, helps guarantee the quality of the attendees, and limits the attrition prior to the event.
  • Without the trade mission format it would be impossible to arrange and schedule up to 10 meetings in one day with pre-qualified potential customers, partners, and investors. It would require multiple days and multiple trips. This is a major benefit in terms of dollars, time, and energy saved.
  • The same level of meetings would probably require a minimum of two to three trips to meet the same number of high-level people. Those additional trips are equivalent to many times more the cost than the Roadshow in terms of airfare and hotel alone.
  • Without U.S. Government support you would most likely need to hire an in-country representative, which would be a significant up-front cash expenditure.
  • There are no commissions charged on any deal – investment, partnership, or sale you generate from the Roadshow – ever.
  • There is a cost in time and energy involved in identifying prospects, securing contact info, contacting the prospects, convincing them to meet and then coordinating the schedule in an efficient manner. The Roadshow takes place on one and a half day and all the pre-qualified and vetted companies come to you. This is a major advantage and a significant save in time, expense and opportunity cost. It is true:  “Time is Money”.

Key Features of the Roadshow / Certified Trade Mission

  • Eight to 10 one-on-one pre-qualified personal meetings with leading in-country companies and institutions
  • Focused, structured, organized and pre-arranged private meetings
  • Convened by the U.S. Consulate
  • No commissions – ever
  • Full contact information and background provided to all qualified attendees prior to all meetings
  • Promotion of your firm to the in-country sector

The Road Show will provide

  • One-on-one meetings with leading sector companies and organizations
  • Close, direct interaction between U.S. and top in-country executives
  • Promotion of U.S. companies, accelerators and investors
  • Introduce pre-qualified, vetted in-country companies

Program Partners

Partner and Co-organizer

The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets. To find out more about how the U.S. Commercial Service can help you achieve export success, visit


Each Roadshow is hosted by two to three co-chairs.  These individuals and companies volunteer their time to support the roadshows in their home country or city. Experts in their sectors, co-chairs make presentations at the reception(s), network among the attendees, and help build the overall success of the roadshow.

If you or your organization would like to co-chair a Roadshow please contact PHM International.


Each Roadshow provides a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to companies and organizations. From a lunch sponsorship to sponsoring the roadshow app, sponsors gain from a range of benefits that best meets their needs. And, as sponsors sign on early to a roadshow they participate in PHM International’s ongoing media and marketing campaigns.  For information on sponsoring please see Sponsorships or contact PHM International directly.

Typical Agenda at a Glance  (Detailed agenda(s) developed for each Roadshow.)

Day One
Morning – Arrival from U.S. and hotel check in

  • 16:00
    Meet at U.S. Consulate / Embassy / Consulate General Residence
    Market briefing
    Co-Chair presentations
    Restaurant (vegetarian meals available)

Day two

  • 08:00-08:40
    Registration at conference facility, light breakfast
  • 08:40-12:00
    Welcome and Morning Briefing  (20 minutes)
    Morning One-on-One Meetings (20 to 30 minutes each)
  • 12:00 Thank you to morning in-country companies
  • 12:00-13:30
    Lunch U.S. and afternoon in-country companies
  • 13:30-18:00
    Welcome and Afternoon Briefing: Investment Opportunities (20 minutes)
    Afternoon One-on-One Meetings (20 to 30 minutes each)

Day 3 Optional and TBC

  • Meet at anchor event for day of sector conference.

Close of  Roadshow

Past  Projects

PHM International has run numerous roadshows, executive experience sharing, board retreats. and trade missions in banking and financial technology, pension/social security reform, pension/social security reform, energy, rule of law, and more.  These programs have been held throughout the world and the US.  Companies that have been part of recent PHM International projects include Banco do Brazil, Itaú, VMware, Bradesco, Banco Central, Chain, NetApp, FEBRABAN, ZL Technologies, Caixa Economica, Palo Alto Networks, Cielo, IBM, Plug and Play, Daon, Oracle, and more.