APAC FinTech Roadshow to Hong Kong

Is your FinTech ready to expand to the Asia Pacific Region?

APAC Fintech Roadshow to Hong Kong

The Asia-Pacific FinTech Roadshow to Hong Kong is postponed due to ongoing events in Hong Kong.

Presented by the U.S. Commercial Service
 and Facilitated by PHM International

Please contact us for further information.

Held during Hong Kong FinTech Week


  • Matchmaking U.S. FinTech companies and accelerators to Asia Pacific investors, leading financial technology companies, banks, insurance companies, and startups
  • 8 to 10 private, pre-qualified one-on-one matchmaking meetings for each U.S. participant
  • Sector Briefing by U.S. Consulate and Hong Kong Experts
  • Networking Reception, Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific’s FinTech Sector…

  • 59.6% of the world’s population (4.58 billion) live in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region
  • By 2020 Millennials and Generation X will control 50% of all investable assets.
  • APAC’s unbanked population is large
    • 73% in SE Asia or 438 million
    • 250 million in India
    • 500 million in China
  • 75% of Asian consumers use a smartphone
  • According to a 2019 FICO survey of APAC banks and bankers:
    • 91% of risk officers see themselves behind banks in the US and Europe in terms of implementing AI technologies
    • 68% see credit decisions will benefit most from AI and machine learning
    • 74% fraud will increase moderately or significantly in 2019
    • 50% of banks simply block cards on first fraud alert
    • Fraud is the leading indicator for 80% while only 6% ranked customer satisfaction as their No. 1 metric!
    • 80% of AML budgets are related to headcounts…..done manually by large AML teams
  • Six of the top 10 FinTech Hubs are in Asia
Unbanked in APAC 2019

Download a copy of the Roadshow 2 page flyer: APAC flyer

Cost benefits of participating in this Roadshow, a Certified Trade Mission

  • The U.S. Consulate is the “convener of stature” for the Certified Trade Mission which lends a prestige to the event, helps guarantee the quality of the attendees, and limits the attrition prior to the event.
  • Without the trade mission format it would be impossible to arrange and schedule up to 10 meetings in one day with pre-qualified Asia Pacific. It would require multiple days and multiple trips. This is a major benefit in terms of dollars, time, and energy saved.
  • The same level of meetings would probably require a minimum of two to three trips to meet the same number of high-level people. Those additional trips are equivalent to many times more the cost than the Trade Mission in terms of airfare and hotel alone.
  • Without U.S. Government support, and due to Hong Kong’s and the many APAC business environments, you would most likely need to hire an in-country representative, which would be a significant up-front cash expenditure.
  • There are no commissions charged on any deal – investment, partnership, or sale you generate from the Trade Mission – ever.
  • There is a cost in time and energy involved in identifying prospects, securing contact info, contacting the prospects, convincing them to meet and then coordinating the schedule in an efficient manner. The Trade Mission takes place on one and a half day and all the pre-qualified and vetted APAC FinTech companies come to you. This is a major advantage and a significant save in time, expense and opportunity cost. It is true:  “Time is Money”.

Key Features of the Certified FinTech Executive Trade Mission

  • Eight to 10 one-on-one personal meetings with APAC’s leading FinTech and financial companies and institutions
  • Focused, structured, organized and pre-arranged private meetings
  • Convened by the U.S. Consulate
  • No commissions – ever
  • Full contact information and background provided to all qualified attendees prior to all meetings
  • Promotion of your firm to APAC’s FinTech and Financial sector

The Road Show will provide

  • One-on-one meetings with leading APAC FinTech companies and the Hong Kong’s largest financial companies
  • Close, direct interaction between U.S. and APAC FinTech executives
  • Promotion of U.S. companies, accelerators and investors
  • Introduce pre-qualified, vetted APAC FinTech companies

Program Partners

The U.S. Commercial Service is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in more than 75 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales to new global markets. To find out more about how the U.S. Commercial Service can help you achieve export success, visit www.export.gov.



Hong Kong Blockchain Society

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society (HKBCS) works with government, academia, and industry to promote sustainable and mature development of the blockchain ecosystem through education, research, and other activities in Hong Kong and abroad.

Roadshow Co-Chairs

Dr. MaDr. Lawrence Ma has over 25 years of academics, finance and technology development, and business experiences. He taught mathematics at the National University of Singapore for several years before moving into quantitative finance and risk management with thinktanks and consulting firms such as the American Bourses Corporation and Bain & Company. Dr. Ma is founder and Chief Scientist of EMALI, which specialises in fintech, privacy, and self-sovereign identity management. Dr. Ma is currently serving on the Expert Committee of CUFE Beston Blockchain Research Center (中央財經大學大信區塊鏈研究中心) in Beijing, China. Dr. Ma studied mathematics at Yale University (B.A.), Stanford University (M.S.), and Cornell University (Ph.D.) in the United States.

Peter Woo

Peter Woo is an executive with over 25 years of experience in internet and information technology at multinational corporations, notably as AT&T Asia-China as Director for Data Analytics and Managing Director of Doubleclick Asia-Pacific. He founded 4 startups, which won numerous global blockchain competitions, including China’s Inaugural  Social Innovation Award. Peter is currently the Chief Strategist of EMALI, which specialises in fintech, privacy, and self-sovereign identity management. Peter is also active in the community as a frequent speaker at universities and professional bodies. Peter graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science.

Media Partners

FinTech Finance Media PartnerFintech Finance works with prominent executives in the industry to provide key decision-makers globally within the foremost financial services organizations with consistent and accurate intelligence on emerging trends, breakthrough technologies and stimulating developments, helping them to make informed decisions. At Fintech Finance, we produce monthly video episodes looking at range of topics within financial services, as well as attending some of the most prominent events within the sector.



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Agenda at a Glance

November 3 & 4, 2019
Arrival from U.S. and hotel check in

Monday, November 4
at delegate hotel

  • 16:00-18:00
    Sector Briefing: Hong Kong and APAC FinTech market briefing from leading industry experts, U.S. Commercial Service, and U.S. Consulate personnel

Tuesday, November 5

  • 09:00-15:30
    FinTech Innovation Lab Hong Kong*  https://www.fintechweek.hk/
  • 16:30
    Private coach from delegate hotel to Reception, Hong Kong Island
  • 17:00-19:00
  • 19:10
    Private coach return to delegate hotel

Wednesday, November 6
at delegate hotel

  • 08:45 – 12:00
    U.S. company pitch and One-on-One meetings
  • 12:00-13:00
    Lunch U.S. and afternoon APAC companies
  • 13:00-17:00
    Welcome and Afternoon Briefing: Investment Opportunities in APAC FinTech (20 minutes)
    Afternoon One-on-One meetings continue

Thursday, November 7

Friday, November 8

  • Train to Shenzhen for sector meetings* (cost not included)

* Hong Kong FinTech Week activities independent of the CTM Roadshow.

Close of Asia – Pacific FinTech Roadshow

Past FinTech and Financial Sector Projects

PHM International has run several banking and financial technology projects in Brazil (3), Hong Kong, Australia, USA, and Mexico. Past Brazilian and U.S. companies that have been part of PHM International Brazil focused projects include Banco do Brazil, Itaú, VMware, IFC Bradesco, Banco Central, Chain, NetApp, FEBRABAN, ZL Technologies, Caixa Economica, Palo Alto Networks, Cielo, IBM, Plug and Play, Daon, Oracle, and more.