Global Projects

PHM International’s Global Projects: a world of shared experiences.

Our global leadership, mission, and training management projects have included:

Older Case studies with links will take you to the PHM International archived site:

  • Food Safety: China FDA Executive Leadership and RTM. Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN. 2018
  • Medical Devices: China Food and Drug Agency Executive Leadership and RTM. New Haven, CT and Washington, DC. 2017
  • Global Smart Grid Regulatory Reverse Trade Mission. San Diego and San Francisco. 2017
  • Brazil: Banking Operations Technologies Reverse Trade Mission. Silicon Valley, US. 2016
  • Energy Sector Strategic Planning, Leadership, Management & Team Building. Dubai, UAE. 2015
  • Macedonian Legal Professional Associations and CSOs, Study Tour. Wash, DC and Boston. 2015
  • Video of Hong Kong portion: Customer Service in Excellent (Financial) Organizations. Melbourne and Hong Kong. 2014
  • Differentiated Case Management & National Time Standards for Macedonia. (Washington, DC 2014)
  • Correspondent Banking in Brazil (Sao Paulo 2013, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo 2013)
  • Legal Professional Associations and Civil Society Organizations(Estonia & Sweden, 2013)
  • Court Administration (The Netherlands, Slovenia 2013)
  • Judicial Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Ethics (Washington, DC 2013)
  • Pension Fund Investments (Kuala Lumpur, 2013)
  • Deregulated SS Market for Pension Fund Boards (Mexico City, 2012)
  • Social Security (SS) Reform and Development (Hong Kong, 2010)
  • Privatization and Good Governance for Senior Government Executives (New York, 2003)
  • Corporate Good Governance and Pension Fund Excellence (New York, 2004)
  • Public Procurement Policy and Monitoring Compliance (New York, Wash, DC 2007)
  • Law on Courts: Drafting of Court Book of Orders (Ireland, 2006)
  • Performance Management & Measurement Implementation (Washington, DC 2012)
  • Visionary Leadership & Management (Washington, DC 2011)
  • Court Administration Study Tour & Experience Sharing (Ireland, 2008)
  • Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Ethics (Washington, DC 2004, 2006, 2007)
    Meeting with judge

    Meeting with judge in Ireland

  • Pension Fund Management (Hong Kong, 2010)
  • Governance & Risk Management (Jakarta, 2010)
  • Public Information Officers (PIO) Judicial Reform (Stockholm, 2010)
  • Creating PPP Synergies for Improving Quality of Public Services (New York, 2006)
  • Pension Reform (Kuala Lumpur, 2005)
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Your Audience & the Media (New York & Washington, DC 2006)
  • Competing in a Deregulated SS Market for Pension Fund Board Trustees (Mexico City, 2012)
  • Leadership Skills Development for Public Executives
  • PPPs and Project Management (Taipei, 2011)
  • Social Security Reform & Development (Seoul, SK. 2009)
  • Many other programs back to 2003

Experience Sharing is the distinctive service PHM Global Leadership and Training Management brings to our clients. In this type of program (our most popular) we organize “in the trenches” meetings with like executives in the targeted sector, economic model, and city. Working under a Statement of Work (SOW) or other agreed upon project outline, PHM Global Leadership and Training Management always stays on target with pin-point accuracy, both in content and budget.

All our global leadership efforts and courses are designed to involve delegates throughout the training process in a highly interactive manner.

In-country training can be delivered in a manner to meet multiple needs:
♦ For a specific client wanting in-house training
♦ For a number of organizations in the same country
♦ Regionally and globally, where participants from a number of companies, agencies, or countries join a program.

Our trainers are professional specialists with training expertise. They use a variety of training techniques including case studies, syndicate work, exercises and discussion as well as knowledge transfer by well-structured lectures. Of noted importance, the programs feature contributions by local subject matter experts, ensuring regional characteristics are reflected and highlighted.