Global Projects

PHM International’s Global Projects: A World of Shared Experiences

Our global leadership, mission, and training management projects have included:

  • Food Safety: China FDA Executive Leadership and RTM. Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN
  • Medical Devices: China Food and Drug Agency Executive Leadership and RTM. New Haven, CT and Washington, DC
  • Global Smart Grid Regulatory Reverse Trade Mission. San Diego and San Francisco, CA
  • Brazil: Banking Operations Technologies Reverse Trade Mission. Silicon Valley, US
  • Energy Sector Strategic Planning, Leadership, Management & Team Building. Dubai, UAE
  • Macedonian Legal Professional Associations and CSOs, Study Tour. Wash, DC and Boston
  • Video of Hong Kong portion: Customer Service in Excellent (Financial) Organizations. Melbourne and Hong Kong
  • Differentiated Case Management & National Time Standards for Macedonia. (Washington, DC)
  • Correspondent Banking in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo)
  • Legal Professional Associations and Civil Society Organizations(Estonia & Sweden)
  • Court Administration (The Netherlands, Slovenia)
  • Judicial Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Ethics (Washington, DC)
  • Pension Fund Investments (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Deregulated SS Market for Pension Fund Boards (Mexico City)
  • Social Security (SS) Reform and Development (Hong Kong)
  • Privatization and Good Governance for Senior Government Executives (New York)
  • Corporate Good Governance and Pension Fund Excellence (New York)
  • Public Procurement Policy and Monitoring Compliance (New York, Wash, DC)
  • Law on Courts: Drafting of Court Book of Orders (Ireland)
  • Performance Management & Measurement Implementation (Washington, DC)
  • Visionary Leadership & Management (Washington, DC)
  • Court Administration Study Tour & Experience Sharing (Ireland)
  • Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Ethics (Washington, DC)
  • Pension Fund Management (Hong Kong)
  • Governance & Risk Management (Jakarta)
  • Public Information Officers (PIO) Judicial Reform (Stockholm)
  • Creating PPP Synergies for Improving Quality of Public Services (New York)
  • Pension Reform (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Your Audience & the Media (New York & Washington, DC)
  • Competing in a Deregulated SS Market for Pension Fund Board Trustees (Mexico City)
  • Leadership Skills Development for Public Executives
  • PPPs and Project Management (Taipei)
  • Social Security Reform & Development (Seoul, SK)

We are experts at educating experts, and our educators are industry and world-renowned specialists. PHM International uses a variety of training techniques including case studies, syndicate work, exercises, and discussion as well as knowledge transfer through well-structured lectures. Of noted importance, the programs feature contributions by local subject matter experts, ensuring regional characteristics are reflected and highlighted.