Global Leadership, Knowledge Sharing

PHM International: a world of shared experiences.

Since 2003 PHM International has been providing highly targeted, custom training and capacity building services to select private sector companies, government agencies, and NGOs.

For more than a decade we have successfully provided dozens of complete, custom turn-key programs. We offer the opportunity to capitalize on our resources and skills in global leadership training management while allowing clients to maintain brand and organizational identity.

Our training management services offer custom solutions to a client’s unique requirements. In addition, our training management allows for defined budget margins and highly targeted program development.

Our clients’ programs are designed for high level executives in government and the private sector. The sessions tend to have between 10 and 18 attendees and each is developed specific to the client’s needs and program goals.

PHM International specializes in creating rewarding and value driven projects including our unique “experience sharing” programs with government and private executives around the world.

Experience Sharing is the distinctive service PHM Global Leadership and Training Management brings to our clients. In this type of program (our most popular) we organize “in the trenches” meetings with like executives in the targeted sector, economic model, and city. Working under a Statement of Work (SOW) or other agreed upon project outline, PHM Global Leadership and Training Management always stays on target with pin-point accuracy, both in content and budget.

Prof Eduardo Diniz (FGV São Paulo) leads discussion on social currency with BoD of East African bank, Brazil December 2013.

All our global leadership efforts and courses are designed to involve delegates throughout the training process in a highly interactive manner.

In-country training can be delivered in a manner to meet multiple needs:
♦ For a specific client wanting in-house training
♦ For a number of organizations in the same country
♦ Regionally and globally, where participants from a number of companies, agencies, or countries join a program.

Our trainers are professional specialists with training expertise. They use a variety of training techniques including case studies, syndicate work, exercises and discussion as well as knowledge transfer by well-structured lectures. Of noted importance, the programs feature contributions by local subject matter experts, ensuring regional characteristics are reflected and highlighted.

To review examples of past training management projects, please navigate to Projects.