Leadership Training & Education

PHM International helps clients achieve exceptional performance by driving alignment between culture, value, and strategy; supports full-spectrum change efforts from vision and strategic planning through implementation and realization.

Quote from Patrick Sharpton, “PHM International specializes in leadership training and education with a focus on organizational culture. We help organizations bridge the performance gap by conducting comprehensive assessments of people, processes, products, and pipelines. We use these assessments to develop effective training programs for individuals and teams. In the end, PHM International delivers top-notch training that includes testing and evaluation so that organizations can measure results and chart the path to success.”

We provide resident training and education around the world in any language and will launch our online training in 2023.

Our clients’ programs are designed for high-level executives in government and the private sector. The sessions tend to have between 10 and 18 attendees and each is developed specifically to the client’s needs and program goals. Here is our competency-based curriculum model:

    • Identify the minimum characteristics the ideal leader should reasonably possess to be able to
      succeed in any profession
    • Develop objectives, which contribute knowledge, skills, attributes, or values to attain that
    • Identify the benchmarks (criteria) of success for each competency and assess mastery at the end
      of the course

To review examples of past training management projects, please navigate to Projects.