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The U.S. Trade and Development Agency is hosting three Executive Leadership Training programs for China’s  National Medical Products Administration or NMPA (formally the China Food and Drug Administration, CFDA).  The training programs will be supported with business briefings and meetings with U.S. market leaders and government agencies . These programs will take place from July 2017 through 2019. Each program will focus on either pharmaceuticals, food products, or medical devices.

USTDA’s funding for the three training programs will support top line issues under the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, the JCCT.

PHM International is the proud IQC contractor developing and facilitating these programs. For additional information please contact us.

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Food Products (January 2018)      Pharmaceuticals (February 2019)      Medical Devices (July 2017 )

Program Cooperation

These programs are being developed in cooperation with:

The U.S.-China Health Cooperation Program(HCP)
HCPNOTE: The HCP site is undergoing renovation and may or may not be “down.”
For information on HCP if site is down, please click here for a pdf file.


The U.S.-China Agricultural and Food Partnership Program.
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Limited Sponsorships and Underwriting are available for U.S. companies.


 For information on Sponsoring one of the events please contact Mr. Drew Arvary at or call +1 305 833 6526


Each program will include approximately 24 high level executives from China’s Food and Drug Agency.
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PHM International is organizing this event on behalf of USTDA. For more information please contact Mr. Hank Kearney, President of PHM International at or +1.772.388.6496 ext. 104.

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