Brazil FinTech Roadshow Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunities for the

FinTech Roadshow to Brazil: a Certified Trade Mission for U.S. investors, incubators, and FinTech companies.

CTM: 17-18 September, 2018 São Paulo, Brazil


Being a sponsor of the Brazil FinTech Roadshow provides your company with unique brand building opportunities and strong credibility. As a U.S. Commercial Service event, sponsoring companies will be positioned as leaders among the elite, pre-qualified U.S. and Brazil businesses from across the financial technology sector. As a sponsor, your company will be associated with excellence and innovation, boosting your profile within the industry and positioning your brand as a thought leader in the space.

Why Brazil’s FinTech Sector…

  • According to Finnovista, Brazil is home to the largest number of FinTech startups in Latin America
  • Brazil ranks highest in EY’s 2017 FinTech Adoption Index for all of Latin America in
    • Money transfers and payments
    • Financial planning
    • Savings and investments
    • Borrowing
  • The number of startups in the sector has tripled in the last two years, according to Brazil’s FinTech association ABFintech
  • “In Latin America and Brazil, a lack of banking services, high demand for credit and historically high interest rates have created a boom for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to develop FinTech market leaders. Thus, the impact from FinTech disruption is expected to be greater in Brazil than in many other countries because of its highly concentrated banking sector.” Financier Worldwide
  • Although 85% of Brazilians live in cities, 40% remain excluded from traditional banking systems
  • Advancing additional FinTech verticals such as insurtech, regtech and legaltech
  • Fifth largest country in the world and home to the most tech-savvy populations in Latin America

Available Sponsorships  Amount
Top tier signage, introduction & recognition
$5,000 17-20 September
Reception & Dinner
Exclusive recognition, briefing opportunity
$4,500 17 September
Marketing Collateral $2,000 17, 18 September
Recognition and speaking opportunity
$3,500 18 September

Unique association – Position your firm as a thought leader in Brazil’s FinTech sector.

Brand recognition – Ongoing brand recognition pre event website and during event with signage and marketing material.

Brand impressions – Through our co-branded, integrated marketing program — before, during, and after the event.

Recognition – In all event publicity and outreach including press release, targeted emails, medial coverage in trade publication, webpage, signage, mobile application.

Brand Positioning – As thought leader, expert, KOL, “stand above the noise,” in a rapidly evolving sector.

Sponsorship Inquiry

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities please complete the form below or call PHM International: +1 772 388 6496 x104 “Hank Kearney.”


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