About Us

Established in 1997, PHM International has provided highly targeted, custom training and capacity-building services to private sector companies, government agencies, and NGOs worldwide. We are experts at educating experts in a variety of sectors and industries.

In 2020, PHM International acquired Sharp 10 Group, LLC, and significantly expanded its capabilities.

PHM International trains and educates leaders, and provides global business consulting services in emerging markets.

Quote from Hank Kearney: “Our Mission is to be a global leader in knowledge-sharing programs to the private and government sectors. We strive for excellence in delivering skillfully researched and facilitated programs targeted to emerging markets and developing countries.”

UN Global Compact:

PHM International and all affiliated organizations are proud supporters of the UN Global Compact. We follow the UN, World Bank, USA, UK, and all anti-corruption laws and regulations regardless of the country of contract or operation.

Link to PHM International’s support of the UN Global Compact

PHM International is available for select engagements. For additional information please contact us.

Memberships and Professional Affiliations of our Principals and PHM International: past and present

PHM International, Inc. is the established brand holder of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor.