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Public Procurement Regulatory Authority - PPRA

The United Republic of Tanzania

Applying Lessons Learned from the United States Government and International Best Practices
Washington, DC and New York, NY
06 - 19 June, 2014
Work done in tandem with our Tanzania partner firm Kilimanjaro International, Inc.


In its migration to a modern, transparent government, the United Republic of Tanzania is constantly undergoing reform. The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) is a key agency in the government’s transition.

In 2011, the Public Procurement Act was singed and became operational on 15th December, 2013. The Act (PPA 2011) has vested in PPRA more powers to perform its oversight functions. Under PPA 2011 the Authority is granted powers which include among others:
•    To cancel procurement process where a wrongdoing is established;
•    To intervene where a procuring entity decides to reject any tender;
•    To conduct investigation on its own volition or where any mis-procurement is reported;
•    To demand feedback within a specified timeframe from competent authorities following its recommendations on disciplinary measures or any other action against any public official involved in faulting procurement law and procedures.

Furthermore, PPA 2011 has given PPRA the responsibility to determine, develop, introduce, maintain and update systems to support public procurement by means of information and communication technologies including the use of electronic procurement. PPRA has committed to have e‐procurement system piloted before the end of year 2016.

In order to promote local businesses, the Regulations made under PPA 2011 have defined target group and eligibility requirements for benefitting under the preference and reservation scheme.  

This was a unique programme as it incorporated formal training sessions with executive experience sharing meetings.


•    To learn and share experiences from best international institutions with oversight responsibilities in order to be able to discharge its oversight responsibility under PPA, 2011 with the ultimate goal of achieving value for money in public procurement.
•    To learn and share experiences from USA Government on how it has managed to promote maximum participation of small businesses in government contracting.
•    To learn from best international practices with successful e-procurement system in order to meet its objective of piloting the e-procurement system by 2016.
•    How to manage influence of politics in procurement.
•    To learn and share experiences from best international organisations on how to manage procurement relating to oil and gas exploration, mining as well as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Examples of Experience Sharing meeting and training session in Washington, DC and New York, NY:

Bid protest resolutions and procurement audits with the US General Accounting Office, GAO.

The Office of Procurement Executive, US Department of State included lively dialogue on the subjects of:Pentagon 2014

  • Office of Logistics Management,
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations,
  • “Feb Biz Ops” thresholds,
  • Public notice requirements, and
  • FPDS.gov (the Federal Procurement Data Systems) that list all awardees.

Training session on “Strategic Planning in Public Procurement” at the Kilimanjaro International DC offices.

Open dialogue session  in New York, NY on the subject of fraud and procurement by Kilimanjaro International expert trainer.

A courtesy visit to the Permanent Mission to the United Nations for the United Republic of Tanzania

One of the highlights of this programme was our “Thought Leadership” conversation with Ambassador Ahmad Kamal, Sr. Fellow at the United Nations: “Public Service and its Management in a Globalising World.”

Training presentation titled “Oil, Gas & LNG Procurement: Players and Practices, Pitfalls and Opportunities” was given back at the Kilimanjaro International offices in DC.

Courtesy visit to the Tanzania Embassy to the United States and met with Ambassador Mulamula and her key staff.

Open dialogue and experience sharing session at The Pentagon, headquarters of the US military. Meeting with the Director Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy and the Senior Procurement Analyst. Topics included:

  • Defense procurement organization,
  • Procurement process, laws and regulations,
  • Guiding principles
  • Small business procurement
  • E-business systems in support of defense procurement.
      At GAO 2014                                                                                             



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