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Public Information Officer (PIO)

Stockholm and Jönköping, Sweden
       April - May, 2010


The drafting of the Public Information Officer Study Tour has been designed specifically for the Macedonia Courts and is being held in Stockholm, Sweden.  This will be a unique experience for the attendees in that the training style is founded in the sharing of “in the trenches” or real life experiences between professionals.  The meetings are facilitated to allow the attendees to engage in discussions on a broad range of topics particular to the subject.   In short, these meetings in Stockholm will include dialogue about the challenges, success, and short-comings of the Swedish experience in judicial transparency and public information.

Court PIOs play a crucial role in bridging the gap between providers (judiciary and administration) and users of a country’s legal resources.  Of particular interest to the Study Tour attendees will be discussion topics including:

•    Information technology and the PIO office
•    Social media: opportunities and challenges
•    Budgeting
•    Crisis management
•    Balancing demands of the courts, politics, and the public
•    Journalist management: press releases, interviews, and relation building
•    Judicial-media watch dog groups
•    Additional discussion topics will be developed.

Examples of Experience Sharing and Training Sessions included:

Swedish National Courts Administration:
Briefing - Media relations; journalist management, interviews, relation building, public releases.
Briefing – Security of information, balancing demands of courts, politics, public, crisis management.

Executive Office of the City of Stockholm:
Briefing - Communications through web, social media opportunities and challenges, press relations.

Stockholm District Court:
Briefing - IT and the PIO office, security, and budgetary issues.

Stockholm County Administrative Court:
Briefing - The court in general, budgetary and security issues.
Briefing – IT, How the court works with information both internally and externally – (balancing demands of courts, politics, public)



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