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Pension Fund Management

Hong Kong, PRC
        August, 2010
Training Programme

An Overview
Demographic trends suggesting rapid ageing and changing labour markets have added urgency to pension reforms globally, including in low and middle income countries. Rapid increases in the aged is due to lower fertility levels, and longer life expectancy. As women live longer than men, gender issues have also become an integral part of pension reform.  While demands and expectations for retirement income security are rising, there has not been commensurate reforms in professional, financial, or fiscal capacities.  Retirement financing must also integrate with health care reform for the same dynamic reasoning.

The program was aimed at enhancing the capacity of pension funds to improve service quality,   increase  return  on  assets,  to  effectively  cope  with  risks,  and  improve governance and regulatory processes. Towards this end, the following topics were covered in the program:

Policy and Macroeconomic Environment
•    Dynamic Social Security for Africa: An Agenda for Development
•    Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis for Pension Fund Investments & Management
•    Pension Funds and Financial Markets – Interplay and interdependence
•    Pension Reforms in Developing Countries: Basic Analytical Concepts, and Selected

Design and Implementation Issues.
•    Avenues for extending social security coverage in low and middle income countries.
•    Building Private Pension Systems – Financing DB schemes

Pension Funds in Africa/Tanzania – Key Issues
•    Regulatory   aspects   of   managing   the   pension   funds   in   Tanzania & compliance
•    Framing effective investment policies and managing investments for risk- return optimization
•    Enhancing the governance standards to protect the interests of the stakeholders
•    Improving  audit  scope  to  contain  the  risks  of  operations  and  financial transactions
•    Tax treatment of provident, and pension funds, and of retirement products.
•    Managing pension funds when financial and capital markets are relatively less developed.

Strategies, Techniques and Tools
•    Choosing appropriate portfolio management strategies, viz., diversification, duration and asset allocation
•    Risk Management
•    Introduction to Risk Management - Risk-Return optimization
•    Asset- Liability Management  - Matching assets and liabilities.
•    Managing Risks – Strategies and Tools
•    Introduction to Derivatives and Risks of using Derivatives
•    Good Corporate Governance – Principles, practices and benchmarks
•    Broad public management strategies and strategic triangle
•    Best practice in Governance from Asian examples

Programme Goals & Benefits
 Enhanced capacity to deal with risks and ways increase return to the members
•    Improved Governance and oversight
•    Strengthened systems and controls
•    Qualitative reporting to the Management and Board
•    Better understanding of investment trends, products and issues
•    Increased   efficiency   of   outputs   and   enhanced   effectiveness   of outcomes
•    Greater awareness of provident and pension reforms internationally, and their implications



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