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Competing in a Deregulated Social Security Market

Pension Fund Board of Trustees   

Mexico City, Mexico      
October, 2012

Social Security deregulation refers to pension funds benefitting from the internal market reform with principles of free movements of capital and freedom to provide service to public and private sectors stakeholders. The new scheme or system will allow workers from the public and private sector institutions countrywide to choose and subscribe to the pension fund of personal choice.

Social security deregulation has been operating in a competitive environment by way of a free market for some time now in Mexico, with efficacious results.

The objective of this course was to provide participants with an experience sharing program in Mexico for a comprehensive understanding of the major transformations and lessons learned such as: the need for reform of the pension system in terms of balance and challenges ahead, new business strategies, and best practices i.e., products and services in the competitive environment. The participants will have a chance to learn what kind of products and services offered by pension funds impact retention of clientele, challenges they face, and how they overcome those challenges. The participants will also have the chance to learn about the use of fund managers, custodians, their selection/selection criteria, and how to monitor their performance. The participants will also have a chance to make site visits to the schemes/fund managers, custodians as well as site visits to PPP projects to share expediencies.
At the end of the training participant will:
•    Learn the challenges of the reforms and latest techniques on how to overcome them.
•    Explore best practices investment rules, the use of fund managers, custodians, their selection/selection criteria, and how to monitor their performance.
•    Learn how to implement products and services under free market environment
•    Learn about the products and services offered by other pension funds in Latin America that operate under free market
•    Learn how to overcome the demographic and economic factors
•    Explore schemes that are DB/DC/ or hybrid
•    Develop a detailed and personalized strategic Action Plan that will help you apply what you have learned on-the-job
•    Learn through presentations, case studies, simulated exercises, and on-site meetings with counterpart institutions leading
Examples of Experience Sharing and Training Sessions included:

"Pension Reform in Mexico"                                                    Standard & Poors            
Abraham Hernández, Professor,
National University Mexico                                                       Afores financing PPP's through Private Capital Vehicles

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