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Bolivia's Fight Club - PHM International
Bolivia’s Fight Club

At the annual “Tinku” festival, Herman fights on the streets of Macha, Bolivia, in a ritual where the shedding of blood is believed to honour Mother Earth, “Pachamama”, and to bring about a good harvest in the year to come. His daughter, Mirta, is worried about her father and tries to stop him from fighting. Close Up’s first episode, Bolivia’s Fight Club, follows Herman, a miner who lives in Colquechaca with his family, to present this ritual and explore the concepts of masculinity that underpin the practice. “Even if you beat me, I’m going to fight back, I won’t say ‘no’ to a fight,” says Herman.  Hundreds of individuals from indigenous communities take part in Tinku, a Bolivian Quechua tradition that dates back 600 years to the Incan empire. The celebrations start with dancing, followed by street wars that break out spontaneously and likewise quickly wind down.   A film by: Jesper Klemedsson & Francesco Alesi Produced by: Recapto Follow Jesper Klemedsson and Recapto on Instagram:  @Jesperklemedsson @Recapto Source:  Al Jazeera As the Taliban and US negotiate a peace deal, Afghan women fear their rights and freedoms will be traded for stability. Al Jazeera tells the story of the caliphate providing a fascinating insight into past empires and present-day politics. An investigation into journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death which implicates the highest levels of the Saudi government. We investigate how the toxic partisan divisions of the Trump era have eroded civil norms vital for US democracy….
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