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Korea: A Divided Nation, a United Table - PHM International
Korea: A Divided Nation, a United Table

Korea is a divided nation, and Koreans, a divided people. Can food be the common root that unites North Korea and South Korea? In the first episode of Fork the System, HyoJin Park and Joi Lee explore the connection between food and identity in the Korean Peninsula. They meet three North Korean defectors who share their favourite dishes from home. Beyond the typical news headlines, these meals give us a taste of everyday life in the hermit kingdom. Source:  Al Jazeera As the Taliban and US negotiate a peace deal, Afghan women fear their rights and freedoms will be traded for stability. Al Jazeera tells the story of the caliphate providing a fascinating insight into past empires and present-day politics. An investigation into journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death which implicates the highest levels of the Saudi government. We investigate how the toxic partisan divisions of the Trump era have eroded civil norms vital for US democracy….
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