PHM International helps companies, investors, and policymakers better understand trade opportunities and capacity development and how together they move the economic landscape around the world. We help leaders connect the dots; bringing together insights about sectors, markets, politics, policy and geopolitics that signal important and investable trends.

PHM International has a optimistic and strong view of the positive impact of international trade and emerging market development. Over the years our clients have included private sector companies and executives, multi-lateral agencies, governments, investment banks, institutional investors, fund managers, and global corporations.

PHM International, Inc. is active in supporting international exchange through several distinct services lines:

  • Roadshows, knowledge sharing and trade missions: (PHMintl)
  • Training and capacity development: (PHM Institute, PHMintl, and PHM-CEE)
  • Information for emerging markets: (Consulting Services)

All service lines focus on emerging markets and developing countries. The links will direct you to additional information.

PHM International is the established brand holder of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor,  PHM Training Management, GHAN – the Global Health Access® Network, and PHM Macedonia, LLC.

PHM-CEE is a NGO registered in Macedonia and supported in part by PHM International.

The PHM Institute, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation and a Florida registered non-profit.

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