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PHM International is proud to be one of a few contracted companies that organize and facilitate Reverse Trade Missions (RTM) for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Here we bring more than a decade of international experience in matching companies and governments from the world’s emerging markets together with U.S. market leaders.

These strategically planned visits present excellent opportunities for U.S. businesses to establish or enhance relationships with prospective  customers from overseas.  In short, RTMs bring foreign decision-makers to the United States to observe the design, manufacture, and operation of U.S. products and services that can help them achieve their development goals.

We position RTMs as an ideal win-win proposition that improves the exports of products and services while delivering advanced technological expertise to market leaders in emerging and frontier countries.

For planning work and information on grant developed international missions and experience sharing please visit the PHM Institute website at:

Upcoming Reverse Trade Missions

China Food and Drug Administration Executive Leadership Training Program
PHM International’s upcoming program USTDA:
♦ Pharmaceuticals

Please check here for additional information.


Past Reverse Trade Missions

China Food and Drug Administration Executive Leadership Training Program
In 2017  and early 2018 PHM International has organized and facilitated two Executive Leadership Training Programs with USTDA:

Medical Devices: In the summer of 2017 PHM International, as an IQC contractor to USTDA, worked with the Healthcare Cooperative Program (HCP) of AmCham China and China’s Food and drug Administrator to deliver a two week training and industry meetings. For additional information click here.

Food Products: In January2018, PHM International (and USTDA) worked with the Agricultural and Food Products Cooperative of AmCham China to deliver two weeks training and industry meetings in Washington, DC and Minneapolis,  MN. For more information click here.

Global Smart Grid Regulatory RTM
In January and February, 2017 we organized and led a RTM in Smart Grid Regulations and Technology and hosted a Business Briefing in Sand Diego and San Francisco. For information on this RTM and Business Briefing please check here.

Brazil: Banking Operations Technologies RTM
In November, 2016 PHM International, in support of the USTDA, organized and facilitated a RTM of Brazilian Bankers to the famed Silicon Valley of California. Event information is available here.