PHM Briefings

PHM Briefings are events held on a quarterly basis and led by Hank Kearney.

These briefings are available to select professionals in the private equity, institutional investor, international banking, and health sectors. Attendees from the health sector are generally C-suite and board executives.

Briefings are 3 to 4 hours in length, including lunch or dinner, and attendance is limited to 12 invitees.

Discussions are confidential and direct follow up conversations are meant to facilitate appropriate dialogues.

The next PHM Briefing:

"Geopolitical & Policy Risks to Healthcare Portfolios"

05 March, 2012
Istanbul, Turkey
$895.00 USD

       Sample Agenda:
  •     Turkey's health sector, Malaysia, and regional advantages
  •     Central Eastern Europe, Turkey, and the financial crisis' impact on health sector
  •     Hospital bubble in the MENA region?
  •     Non-traditional pharmaceuticals win
  •     ARTs for health insurance sector?
  •     Aesthetic dermatology 's regional advantage


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September 27, 2011
Dubai, UAE.
$895.00 USD

October 03, 2011
London, UK
$895.00 USD

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Margaret at phmintl dot com.

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