About Us

Since 1997 PHM International has been providing strategic consulting services and capacity development programs in emerging markets to the global investor community, startup ventures, international companies, and government organizations.

Over the years we have evolved into an organization that believes the power of person-to-person connections and relations can change the world. Modern business, law, civil socity, healthcare, and governments require the active engagement of leaders at the top.

We are driven to actively transform global leadership by:

  • Hosting international delegations and professional exchanges that deliver cross-cultural insight and facilitate the exchange of diverse ideas, opinions, trends, and models.
  • Developing and delivering briefings and educational programs for executives in business and governments throughout the world..
  • Facilitating dialogue and exchanges between representatives of international and national businesses, government leaders, academia, and other organizations.
  • Educating businesses of all sizes and governments at all ranges of transition on the many ways of increasing their knowledge of cultures and international best practices for competitive and cooperative advantages and opportunities.

PHM International is comprised of staff with decades of international development and private sector experience. Our core team is active in all our projects from programme design, to on-site facilitation, to account management. The years of experience allows for adaptive projects in the face of any multitude of challenges. Our core team has worked in environments that often require extensive pre-planning and preparation. Experience dictates that PHM International will always have a core member on-site to adjust to, and mitigate, any changing environment.

In addition to our core team, PHM International has over the years developed a globally prominent, long standing team of market and industry experts. Combined with experienced policy sources, PHM International is able to advise on sector opportunities and market "land mines."

PHM International is available for select engagements. For additional information please contact us.

  • PHM-CEE and the PHM Institute, Inc. are independent non-profit organizations supported in part by PHM International, Inc.

  • PHM-CEE is a NGO based in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. See http://www.phm-cee.com

  • PHM Institute, Inc. is a Florida based non-profit and 501(c)(3) Federally tax exempt organization. See http://www.phminstitute.org

PHM International, Inc. is the established brand holder of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor, GHAN - the Global Health Access® Network, and PHM Macedonia, LLC.

UN Global Compact

Memberships and Professional Affiliations - past and present

  • International Federation of Hospitals
  • American Bar Association, Associate
  • Council of Healthcare Advisors
  • International Insurance Society
  • Association of Health Insurance Advisors
  • International Insurance Society
  • National Association of Health Underwriters
  • Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators